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Concrete Precast Products

Our precast products include stormwater drainage products, sewer access products, electrical pits and covers, Septic Tanks, Trade Waste Arrestors and municipal/ landscape products.

Precast Concrete has many benefits for the customer:


Intensely vibrated precast concrete structures made in a factory controlled environment are generally superior compared to that attained under general site conditions. Concrete cover to steel reinforced to suit specification is achieved to a higher standard in a precast mould compared to insitu’ offerings.


Precast product can be delivered to site when site conditions and / or the contractor are ready. Being already cured, therefore finished product is capable of immediate use and acceptance of design load.


Open excavations are dangerous and costly. With short installation times, personnel in deep excavations along with barricading and safety equipment / supervision are reduced to a minimum. Precast is an essential product for pedestrian access areas where same day job completion can be achieved.


Each precast pit is individually manufactured to the client’s requirements. Penetrations and exact heights are incorporated directly from engineering plans to create a custom built pit where needed. A full range of access covers or gratings are offered to finish the project as specified.


Quick installation will result in reduced time spent on the job for both plant and labour. Excavations are open for less time, while immediate back-fill and clean up can be carried out as one continuous operation thus eliminating the on-going and costly return operations.


Precast pits are more economical when compared to insitu’. With a stricter control of raw material quantities, labour and the ability to reuse factory mouldings, this makes the precast product a far cheaper item.