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Cooke Precast Concrete hold a large range of cast-iron product in stock . Our holdings consist of Inspection Openings, Square, Rectangular and Circular Access Covers, Water Meter Box Covers and a full range of Square and Trench Gratings. Most of our products are made from high strength Ductile Iron, then all our castings are finished in a durable bitumen coating.


All our cast-iron products are designed “ in-house” so they meet actual Australian market requirements and are developed for the appropriate local authorities, they are also specifically designed to comply with the requirements of Australian Standard AS3996.


All our products have been through a tight testing programme before they are released onto the market. For quality control, all our foundry patterns for manufacturing are owned by our company and are designed to suit the needs of the local authorities to obtain the appropriate quality approvals.


Cast iron products are specifically designed and tested to suit the strength requirements of AS3996. Generally our Light Duty covers and Grates suit the Class “B” standard of 80kn wheel loading while our Heavy Duty design Covers and Gratings go to 210kn wheel loading suiting the standard of Class “D”.


Cooke Precast Concrete Pty Ltd own the brand name of WASA COVERS ( meaning Water And Sewer Access Covers. ) All our uniquely designed products that suit our local market are branded and sold under this name. All WASA products are designed and manufactured to the world’s highest standard of quality and cast-iron production.

EJ Australia

Cooke Precast are proud to be the soul South Australian agent for EJ Australia cast-iron access Covers and Gratings. EJ Australia are the largest Australian supplier of Quality Assured cast-iron drainage products made to AS3996. Cooke Precast hold in stock a large quantity of EJ Australia access covers and gratings at our Edinburgh North plant.


Where the project calls for special requirements like multi-part covers, or products capable to withstand Class “G” loadings ( of 900kn for airport taxiways etc. ) and brass / stainless steel bound covers for pedestrian precincts, all these products are available for specification and viewing through this web site via section Cast-Iron Access Covers.