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Caprari-CPC is the first in Australia to meet the very stringent SA Water's TS 68 technical standard, providing internal concrete cover of 65mm, which acts as additional barrier protection to the steel reinforcing within and extends the design life of a sewer pumping station to 100 years.
To meet TS 68 standard conditions, the Caprari-CPC wall thickness of the concrete sump is a total minimum of 140mm, being 50mm external cover (plus the 65mm internal cover) leaving a central working area of 20mm for steel reinforcement fixing and placement; thus complying to all relevant Australian Standards ie; AS3600-2009, AS3735-2001 and AS375 Supp1-2001.

All precast chambers are made from Angaston Marble calcareous aggregate. The properties of Angaston Marble are unique in Australia, providing the highest possible resistance to sulphate attack endemic in sewers.
Engineered to 15mm depth and designed to current Australian Standards AS 3600 & AS 3735 to withstand poor soil conditions and high water tables. Full engineered calculations available at Caprari-CPC.com.au